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KTM 65 Jet Kit - very good
"All perfect Thank you"
By 65 rider



Quick Guide
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Quick Guide

Please Scroll down the list to make choosing your Oils and Lubricants easier


2 Stroke Oil

Motorex Fully Synthetic

Motorex Semi Synthetic


Rock Oil Synthesis

Rock Oil Synthesis (4 Litre)

Rock Oil K2


4 Stroke Oil 

Motorex 4T

Motorex 4T (4 Litre)


Air Filter Oil

Putoline spray

Pro Clean Kit

Pro-Green Clean

Pro-Green Clean (5 Litre)

Rock Oil Eco Foam Spray

Rock Oil Eco Foam Oil

PJ1 Foam Kit

Motorex 206


Additive Oil



Brake Cleaner


Rock Oil


Brake Fluid

Motorex Dot 4

Motorex Dot 4 (1 litre)

Motorex Dot 5.1


Carb Cleaner


Rock Oil


Chain Lube

Putoline Desert

Putoline DX11

Rock Oil


Clutch Oil

Two2cool CTF-R

Redline D4 ATF

Motorex Hydraulic 75

Motorex ATF Dextron 3



Liquid Intelligence LI115

Maxima Cool Aide

Motorex M5

Rock Oil Iced Kool

Rock Oil Kool


Fork Oil

Motorex 5w

Rock Oil SVI5

Rock Oil SVI10


Fuel Products

Rock Oil Fuel Enhancer


Manual Gear Oil

Two2cool RTL

Rock Oil XRP

Rock Oil LGO


Multipurpose Oil


Pro-Green Engine Degreaser

Pro-Green Engine Degreaser (5 Litre)

Pro-Green Rust Remover

Rock Oil Silicone Protector

Rock Oil Rockeze

Rock Oil Kontact Kleen

Rock Oil Marine Grease

Rock Oil SOC


Wash Products

Pro-Green Bike Wash (1 Litre)

Pro-Green Bike Wash (5 Litre)

Pro-Green Bike Wash (25 Litre)

Pro-Green Aftershine (1 Litre)

Pro-Green Aftershine (5 Litre)

Pro-Green Aftershine (25 Litre)

Rock Oil Dirt Blaster

Pro Clean Full Cleaning Kit 








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