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Great stuff
"Been running this oil on 50, 65,85 and 150sx the last 8 years. change every 10 hours and we ride sand for the most part. the 65-85 looks almost no wear but the bigger big is nice and black. Some slipp…"
By Andreas



GoldenTyre MOUSSES
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EXTREME MOUSSE is specially designed for extreme racing, ready to run as developed with the world’s top riders in this special sport.


GoldenTyre MOUSSE Suggested Fitment Guide 

KTM 50       KTM 50 BW      
FRONT  N/A     FRONT MOU1011 14"    
REAR N/A     REAR N/A    
KTM 65       KTM 65 BW      
FRONT MOU1011 14"     FRONT MOU1009 17"    
REAR MOU1012 12"     REAR MOU1010 14"    
KTM 85       KTM 85 BW      
FRONT MOU1009 17"     FRONT MOU1007 19"    
REAR MOU1010 14"     REAR MOU1008 16"    
KTM 125       KTM 250      
FRONT MOU1000 21"     FRONT MOU1000 21"    
REAR MOU1005 100/19     REAR MOU1002 110/19    
KTM 450       GEL      
FRONT MOU1000 21"      ALL  GELMOU001    
REAR MOU1006 120/19            


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